I was impressed by Imran Khans’ talk on implementing the spirit of Islam. However, I was shocked by PJ MIR of DIN TV when he suddenly cut his talk. He had just started talking on the balanced sides of day to day practical Islam free from present day extremism, extreme secularism and emphasizing one hour daily daily for ‘haqooq Allah and rest of day for ‘haqqoq ul abad’, national honest service, in the light of Sira of Rasool Akram[pbuh] when the said anchor most disgustingly snapped the call as if he knew the best. It was just shameless and arrogant behavior when he often gives free time to one MRS Sufi who promotes her self styled ‘sufi’ cult or something clandestine etc and PJ Mir seems to be her cult fellow, the way he gives her liberty to talk on and on.


Multan, April 25.