Some days ago, Army Chief General Raheel Sharif called for across-the-board accountability; especially controversy erupted after the biggest P papers leak that triggered protest across the globe including Pakistan. 

In an unprecedented move, on Thursday breaking news of termination of army officers was flashing. COAS terminated services of Lt. Gen. Obaid Ullah Khattak, Major General Ijaz Shah, five brigadiers, three colonels and one major. 

Corruption is considered to be a curse for every country. I believe that it is not only a curse for the economy but for entire humanity. It is a monetarily motivated and non-violent crime committed mostly by the government officials. If anyone misuses his authority, resorts to favouritism, this is also corruption. 

There is dire need of continuing war against unbridled corruption plaguing the country. I laud this laudable step of COAS. All such steps should be supported for complete removal of corruption from our society. However, one must remember that the process of accountability starts from our own homes and we need to hold ourselves accountable too to root out corruption from the society. 


Chakwal, April 21.