KAMALIA-All the claims made by the government to provide relief for the people at Ramazan bazaars have proved to be false as the price control committees have failed to do their jobs. Before the start of Ramazan, apple price in Kamalia was Rs140 per kg but now it is selling at Rs250; plum was Rs150 but now is selling at Rs240; Apricot was Rs180 and now is selling at Rs220; onion was Rs20 but now is at Rs35; Tomato price has increased from Rs15 to Rs40 and spinach price from Rs10 to Rs40 per kg.

The vendors keep price lists hidden and do not put them on display for customers. Price control committee officials’ duty is to raid the markets regularly and put penalties on vendors, but now despite this enormous raise in prices, they do not make any visit to Ramazan bazaars or elsewhere. Central Traders Union Secretary General Kaleemullah demanded that price checking committees should visit vegetables and fruit markets daily to overcome the so-called inflation and to provide relief for the people. TMO Nawaz said that citizens should report to TMA office regarding absence of price lists and appropriate action will be taken accordingly. On the other side, the loadshedding of gas and electricity for many days has been causing severe problems for the citizens especially for women to during Sehr and Iftar. The affected areas are Zeeshan Colony, Kachi Basti, Najabat Pura, Mohallah Eidgah and Mohallah Hussain Shah. The residents demanded the authorities should take notice of the issue and stop unannounced loadshedding of gas and electricity.