LAYYAH-The people held a protest as Indus River has eroded hundreds of homes and crops while completely destroyed more than 20 villages in Layyah during the last week.

Almost 400 homes of Union Council Lohanch Nasheeb have been destroyed due to erosion while crops destruction has cause heavy loss to the farmers.

Indus River erosion started from September 2016 and destroyed Basti Matla, Basti Bodla, Basti Manjotha, basti Dirkhan Wali, Basti Sobywali, Basti Jar, Basti Tahirwali and many others. It continued the whole year on a 72 kilometre area in low-lying strip of Layyah. The residents of village Chandharar protested against the district administration, parliamentarians and the Punjab chief minister.

Residents Ikramullah, Khuda Bakhsh and others talking to The Nation said that the people of low-lying areas were facing heavy loss of houses, crops and other material but the chief minister cannot pay attention to the issue. They said that if a dog dies in Lahore, the CM reached at the spot but in Layyah, thousands of people have been displaced, but the government did not pay any attention to them. They demanded tents, food and land for their resettlement. Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Javed Iqbal visited the effected village and assured them of his support.