HYDERABAD: A judicial inquiry into the death of a sanitary worker has been demanded by group of human rights activists who allegedly died after medical treatment was refused to him at a local hospital.

On Wednesday, at a press conference, addressed from the platform of Sindh Human Rights Defenders, the activists rejected the ongoing official inquiry as being partial to the accused.

Along with three other sanitary workers Irfan Maseeh, 30, fell while cleaning a manhole in Umerkot unconscious. The workers were pulled out by the local people and took them to the civil hospital, Umerkot, where the doctors refused to provide Maseeh lifesaving treatment as his body was covered in sludge.

In the press conference, Advocate Ali Palh, peasant’s rights campaigner Punhal Sario and other rights activists told that after their recent fact finding visit to Umerkot, they are certain the assistant commissioner-led inquiry will not provide justice to Maseeh.

“The judicial inquiry should investigate why Maseeh was not given treatment at the hospital as well as why sanitary workers are forced to work without safety equipment’s,” Palh demanded.

A range of measures suggested by the activists suggested, including not only employment security of the sanitary workers but also the implementation of safety rules, demanding the provincial government to act without delay to prevent the a similar tragedy, for the saving of lives.