LOS ANGELES-Chris Evans finds it ‘’harder’’ to stay in great shape as he has got older, and regardless of how hard he works out he still believes he has a ‘’soft section’’. The 36-year-old actor - who is known for portraying superhero Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe - has admitted he has to spend ‘’a lot’’ of time in the gym to maintain his toned physique, because he has claimed his body doesn’t ‘’naturally’’ want to be slender. Speaking about his fitness routine and his secrets to looking trim to Metro newspaper, the American hunk said: ‘’There’s a lot of time in the gym - that’s tough. My body doesn’t naturally want to be this size and it’s getting harder as I get older.’’

But the star believed regardless of how many gruelling workouts he undertakes, and how hard he trains, he still has a ‘’soft section’’ on his stomach. He added: ‘’And now I’ve noticed that no matter how hard I work out. I can still feel a little bit of a soft section around the middle.’’ And Chris has been forced to diet, although he has revealed it is not a ‘’strict’’ eating regime, to help him shed a few extra pounds. The ‘Captain America: Civil War’ star said: ‘’So I’ve had to start incorporating a bit of a diet. ‘’Nothing too strict but no late-night pints of ice-cream.’’ Meanwhile Chris, who has recently broken up from his former partner and ‘Gifted’ co-star Jenny Slate after nine months of dating, has hinted his career makes it difficult for him to find love.

Speaking about the perks and downfalls of living a life in the limelight, said: ‘’There are pros and cons about being in my industry. The pros absolutely outweigh the cons but there is no denying that some of those cons fall in that arena of finding a relationship’’.