PESHAWAR: Social media reports of a police official insinuating an Islamia College University (ICU) teacher earlier was arrested on charges of possessing drugs were denied by the city police on Wednesday.

ICU assistant professor Bashir Ahmed was arrested by the police earlier on Tuesday and found 20 grams of meth in his possession. In contrast, later rumors began spreading on the social media that the academician had a rift with a police official after a traffic accident.

In addition, a city police spokesperson declined the reports saying police found ammunition and drugs from the teacher’s belongings and acted against him under the law.

He stated SHO Regi Model Town Shahinshah Khan had arrested the accused at a snap-checking point and a search of the professor’s transport had resulted in 20 grams of meth, 50 grams of hashish and two pistols and rounds being found.

He said after the arrest reports started flooding on the social media, pointing fingers at the police officer of insinuating the teacher being involved in the drugs case. He said the suspected was arrested earlier in 2001 under the 16 MPO and other cases twice.

Moreover, the ICU Teaching Staff Association executive body held an emergency meeting and declared the episode as unfortunate.

A statement issued here said a singular person’s actions should not be associated with an institution and the profession.

“Media trial of the blamed on the basis of allegations should at once be stopped,” it said. It also requested an independent inquiry of the episode.