KARACHI  - The Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) of Sindh police on Wednesday said it had completed probe into the mysterious murder of a college boy, revealing deceased friends were behind his murder. 

CTD officials said that the boy had been abducted by his own friends for ransom and killed on the same day of his kidnapping. 

22-year-old Bilal Rizwan, a resident of Al-Falah, Malir, was kidnapped on November 4, 2015 and murdered on the same day of his kidnapping, but his family was under the impression that he was missing since his body had not been found. 

Taking notice of the incident, Sindh High Court (SHC) ordered the authorities concerned to recover the missing boy. 

On the complaint of the family, Shah Faisal Colony police station registered FIR No 361/15 under Section 365/34 (kidnapping) against unidentified persons three days after of his kidnapping on November 7, 2015. 

The family found the body from the same area nearly one month after his kidnapping on December 12, 2015. 

“Interestingly, his missing/kidnapping and body recovery FIRs were registered at the same police station, but no one could understand he was the same as his body was completely burnt,” explained CTD In-charge Raja Omar Khattab. 

“The killers were not strangers, but were his own friends, who kidnapped and killed him to get ransom money,” Khattab explained. 

“One of his neighbouring friends, Adeel Rehman made a plan to kidnap and kill him along with his close friend Noman Qureshi,” he said, and added, “There were multiple reasons behind his kidnapping and killing. To kidnap and kill him after getting the ransom was the one reason, but there was another reason as well. And that was Adeel’s sister, who was interested in the victim and Adeel was unhappy over that. Even Noman liked Adeel’s sister. That’s why Noman and Adeel decided to kill him.” 

Giving another reason, Khattab said that the kidnappers could not free Bilal, fearing he would tell everyone about them. 

“The victim belonged to a wealthy family and Noman who used to run a gym was facing a financial loss. He and Adeel decided to first kidnap him and get the ransom,” the officer explained. 

Khattab further said that the kidnappers tried to make the victim unconscious by administering him injections after tightening his hands and legs with ropes, but the victim resisted and during resistance, they killed him. 

“The victim was killed on the same day but his body was recovered after almost a month,” Khattab elaborated. “They hid the body first at their home and gym and later threw it at the garbage dump after one month,” he added. 

The body was recovered from a garbage dump and was unknown and shifted to Edhi morgue. FIR No. 314/15 was registered on behalf of state against unidentified persons at Al-Falah police station. Victim’s two cell phones were also missing and were not found along with his body. 

The police high ups later took the notice of the incident and later Inspector General of Police (IGP) Allah Dino Khawaja transferred the case to the CTD on January 1 2016. The CTD officials then launched probe into the case. 

“With the technical assistance, we managed to probe this case,” explained Khattab. The officer said that Noman Qureshi, Danish Amir and Adeel’s father had been arrested while Adeel Rehman and his sister R* had gone abroad and most probably, were in Dubai while the police was trying to arrest them. 

Later police also recovered victim’s cell phones and a SIM card. “Interestingly, police, Rangers and other departments had earlier interrogated Adeel, but no one had a clue about his involvement and finally CTD  arrested persons finally got to the actual culprits,” he explained. 

CTD SSP Omar Shahid Hamid also held a press conference at which he told the journalists that the CTD police arrested nearly 39 absconders and proclaimed offenders in the last one week. “The data of the suspects in the fourth schedule is being computerized. So far the data of nearly 435 suspects out of 590 has been upgraded in the province. 116 suspects released in 2016 would also be put on surveillance,” said Omar Shahid Hamid. 

He said that the eight edition of the Red Book would be issued in the next month. “The book includes details of 70 hardcore terrorists,” he informed.