GILGIT -  Gilgit-Baltistan budget for the fiscal year 2017-2018 with a total outlay Rs54 billion was presented in the GB Legislative Assembly on Wednesday.

Presenting the budget, GB Minister for Finance Haji Muhammad Akbar Taban said the government has allocated Rs 28.2 billion for non-development and Rs18.3 billion proposed for development expenditures.

A 10 percent increase has been made in salaries of the provincial government employees and pensioners in the annual budget.

The health sector will receive a handsome amount of over Rs4,080,980,000 for its development. He said under the new health budget, new health centres will be established while the already established hospitals and basic health units (BHU) will receive new machinery, medicines, and other necessary facilities.

He said an amount of Rs 1.53 billion allocated for the promotion of education which is 63 per cent high as compared to the last year allocation.

The finance minister said a sum of over Rs82, 06, 43,000 allocated for livestock and agriculture sectors. The minister said an amount of over Rs4, 40, 62, 22,000 allocated for internal security and prisoners.

He said Rs 2,72,22,57,000 allocated for works department and Rs1, 98, 96, 25,000 for water and power sector.

For the chief minister secretariat Rs 8,56,72,000,the governor secretariat Rs7,84,35,000 and for cabinet Rs15,82,37,000 was allocated.

For law and justice, a sum of Rs16, 81, 14 was allocated.

For excise and taxation, a sum of Rs119, 745,000 was allocated. For planning and housing Rs204, 535,000. However, Rs820, 643,000 for the agriculture and animal husbandry sectors. Rs 363, 591,000 was allocated for forestry, wildlife, environment sectors .Rs093,6,19,000 for youth affairs, tourism, sports, and culture.

For LG and RD, a sum of Rs670,161,000 was allocated. Over Rs86,34,000 for strengthen anti-corruption department.

It was the second budget of the PML-N government in Gilgit-Baltistan.