ISLAMABAD: National Commission on Human Rights’ (NCHR) attention was drawn towards an attempted honour killing case in the federal capital by The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) on Wednesday.

The victim who happens to be in her teen years is in a coma at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (Pims) and doctors seemed pessimistic about her chances. Meanwhile, the alleged attacker is yet to be arrested and the NCHR has ordered the inspector general of the police (IGP) to submit a report on the case.

A letter sent by the HRCP to the NCHR states that on June 9 the girl, aged between 16 and 17, was suspected of being shot thrice by her cousin in the Nilore village.

Seven months ago, the father of the girl, who belongs to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and resides in the Nilore village, decided to marry her off to a man much older in age to her. On the other hand, the girl fled her home with a boy belonging to a local community.

Four days later, the couple was found at Khanna Pul and dragged back home. The girl was beaten behind closed door, locked up and isolated inside the home. The letter says, while the girl was reading the Quran at home, her cousin shot her and left the scene on 9th June.

National Commission on Human Rights is seeking reports from IGP on arrest of suspect who allegedly tried to commit the act of honor killing .

“Her father filed an FIR with the Nilore police the same day and is not ready to reach any compromise with his nephew however the family’s pressure might force him to do so.”

Shahla Rafi, a social worker and a resident of the same locality, told a local newspaper that she reported the case to the HRCP as most of the honor killings cases were never reported or not sought after by families.

“Though the father had formerly beaten his daughter, I believe that he did not intend to kill her. The cousin of the girl, who was allegedly drunk, shot her three times and escaped.”

The girl wanted to marry a local person but her family was against it, Ms Shahla added.

Human Rights Commissioner for Islamabad Chaudhry Mohammad Shafique told the same local newspaper that the HRCP reached him on Wednesday.

“I instantly contacted the IGP and ordered him to submit a report about the incident and the progress on the arrest of the suspect,” he said.

“On the same note, as such victims don’t get proper care at hospitals I have also sought a report from Pims regarding treatment being provided to the girl and her condition.”

Mr Shafique said that despite the fact that the father of the girl had lodged an FIR against the suspect, in multitudes of cases cousins or brothers killed women, in the end the fathers forgave them in the courts.

“So it will be of paramount importance to record the statement of the girl and in case she does not survive the statement of her mother will be vital,” he said.

A political figure of the area, requesting anonymity, said efforts were underway to hush up the case. NCHR Chairman retired Justice Ali Nawaz Chohan told the newspaper that normally the commission does not meddle in the investigation of the police but when it is found out that the investigation has been stopped or slowed down the rights watchdog seeks a report from the police.

“We will absolutely look into the issue so that the girl gets justice. We did the same in the Tayyaba Bibi torture case and questioned the police,” he stated.