LAHORE - The Jamaat-e-Islami has proposed comprehensive electoral reforms to pave the way for impartial and transparent elections that could help establish a strong democratic system in the country.

The proposals included full administrative and financial autonomy for the election commission on the pattern of the Supreme Court, scrutiny of the candidates in the light of Articles 62 and 63 of the Constitution and election on 50 per cent of seats on the basis of proportionate representation.  Highlighting major proposals of the JI, acting JI chief Liaqat Baloch said in a statement here on Wednesday that the staff of the election commission should be appointed on a permanent basis and the PEC should have full powers for appointments and transfers and taking administrative actions if necessary. He said that all political parties must be directed to hold internal elections in the supervision of the Election Commission in a manner that no family has control over a party and a true democratic spirit prevails.  Baloch said that a mechanism should be developed to control the spending by the candidates and the parties during the election. He said that those indulging in overspending should be declared ineligible for election. Candidates should not be allowed to make transport arrangements on the election day; rather it should be arranged by the Election Commission, he proposed

. He said that spending on publicity by political parties should also be restricted. He was of the view that switchover to the proportionate representation system would help minimise election spending, reduce the clout of individual candidates and develop a tendency to vote for a manifesto.

The JI also suggested that polling stations for the ladies should be within one kilometre of their homes and special transport arrangements should be made for female voters. Female election staff should be posted at the ladies polling stations, it added.