Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) Chief Minister Pervaiz Khattak, has consented to compensate and pay for damages to the families of the deceased doctors, who lost their lives in different incidents on hospital premises.

After his meeting with a delegation of Insaf Doctors Association, the Provincial Doctors Association and others, his consent came.

They had a discussion on the issue that led to the confrontation between Young Doctor Association (YDA) and the Hayatabad Medical Complex (HMC) administration with Chief Minister.

Some doctors, about an estimate 35, had been arrested on Tuesday when YDA members allegedly locked the HMC’s out-patient department and pressurized the staff members and doctors not to perform duties.  Consequently, later on, the doctors were baton charged, as a result of which many doctors injured.

Taking action against the protesting doctors by HCM, the YDA members announced a boycott of their duties.  However, when the doctors started protesting at the facility yesterday, after few minutes, again the HCM administration took action and arrested three YDA members.

Talking with the reference to the meeting, IDA Central President Dr Jawad said that in regard to compensation of deceased doctor families, a synopsis will be signed today, as CM has agreed to pay compensation to the families of the deceased doctors and set up an endowment fund for trainee medical officers and house officers.

He said, for the TMO’s, a summary stipend would also be approved by the CM today, and the stipend since January 2017 would be released very soon. Amendments to the Medical Officer Act would be also passed from the K-P Assembly, he sustained.

 Meanwhile, if the government released the arrested YDA members, the YDA has expressed willingness to withdraw the strike call and agreed to hold negotiation with the protesting doctors.

“If the government releases our men and agrees to hold negotiation with us, we will not go for a strike or boycott duties” YDA patron-in-chief Dr Alamgir Yousafzai told a private newspaper.

He claimed the HMC tortured and teased our YDA members who were still in the lockup, as well as the YDA president for the HMC, Ghaffar Shah, was seriously wounded and admitted to the facility.

“The ‘brutal’ HMC administration ordered baton-charge against us, whereas we were protesting peacefully” said Yousafzai. ´The protest will be continued until our issues are addressed”

HMC Hospital Director Dr Shahzad Akbar said patient care would not be compromised.

“The administration was obliged to order police action as the YDA was distracting service delivery,” Akbar told the media, adding that the YDA had locked the outpatient department and those performing duties were facing problems.

“The system can’t paralyze by few doctors and we will continue serving the patients,” Akbar said. He also showed to the media the CCTV footage in which doctors were damaging the locks at night so that they could not be unlocked in the morning.

On the other hand, a grand jirga comprising members of the PDA, IDA, MALGARI doctors, Watan Paal Doctor Forum and others was held at the HMC. The Jirga demanded their release and withdrawal of the cases against them.

They said in principle the K-P chief minister had accepted their demands and invited them for a meeting, but the YDA was not prepared to accept the representation of the PDA and others in the meeting. The jirga was to be apologetic that the YDA was not agreeing to a peaceful resolution of the issue.