ISLAMABAD: A move meant to reflect the state of the common person in Pakistan, a member of the opposition chose a rather peculiar way to register his protest against the federal budget — tearing his clothes at the entrance of the Parliament.

MNA Hamidul Haq of the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf had intended on tearing his clothes in front of Finance Minister Ishaq Dar during his speech on the floor of the Assembly but was not permitted by Opposition Leader Syed Khursheed Shah.

He wasn’t the sole lawmaker ready for a illustrative protest. MNA Shazia Marri of the Pakistan People’s Party arrived at the National Assembly wearing a wreath made of fruits and vegetables to manifest her protest against the recent sky-rocketing of prices in the country.

As Mr Haq approached the finance minister in the Parliament, there was an outbreak of excitement in the galleries where reporters assumed he was going to assault the minister.

He was directly in front of the minister when Mr Shah grabbed him and pushed him towards the exit gate.

After not being permitted to register his dissent on the floor of the Parliament, Mr Haq tore his clothes apart in front of the Parliament House in front of journalists.

Talking to a local newspaper, he remarked that he wished to rip his clothes in front of the finance minister to manifest the real condition of a common man. But, he regretted that Mr Shah had prevented him from advancing his protest inside the house, so he had to do it outside the Parliament House.