KHANEWAL(Hammad Shah): Like other government projects, also the waste collection scheme through installation of over 200 drums at various spots with a cost of Rs4.4 million across the city has suffered a complete failure.

Almost four years ago, Khanewal administration had started a scheme of waste collection. The scheme cost Rs4.4 million. The district management fixed 200 drums in all the UCs of Khanewal for waste collection and four motorcycle rickshaws were purchased to collect garbage from these drums. The then Khanewal DCO held meetings with people of these areas and advised them to inform, if these drums are not cleared on daily basis.

Now, the 200 drums are lying in the waste area of the Municipal committee Khanewal and out of those four rickshaws only two are standing there and one without motorcycle. Rs4.4 million of the taxpayers’ money is now rusting in the waste area. The huge amount was wasted only for a few days scheme and no one bothered about the waste of the money.

According to the people of Khanewal, it all shows the lack of concern of the government in the public welfare and in the cleanliness of the city. According to them, the scheme was also for the sake of photo session and for commission. Now, people demand that these drums be repaired and re-fixed at appropriate points in these areas.