KARACHI - Thar coal mining and 660 MW power project in Thar block II will be completed ahead of the schedule.

The commissioning date is set at June 3, 2019. This was unveiled by Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company (SECMC) Chief, Shamsuddin Ahmed Shaikh while speaking at an Iftar dinner programme at Mithi town of Tharparkar, says Engro statement here on Wednesday.

“Despite declaring Gorano reservoir project technically and environmentally sound by the judicial committee of Sindh High Court, we are ready to talk to the protesters to remove their concerns which were created by misinformation,” Shaikh said.

Sharing the details of the coal mining project, SECMC Chief said the company had completed 40 percent of the mining and 33 percent progress on the power projects in 15 months after the financial closure achieved in April 2016.

The total duration envisaged for completion of the project was set at 42 months, but the pace of the work ensured of its completion in 38 months instead, he added.

Shamsuddin Shaikh said that he strongly believed, the benefits from the coal projects in Thar should go to the local people of Thar before the rest of the country. That’s why, he added, the company had started interventions in education, health, livelihood, and drinking water sectors for the people of the area and the schemes had already started benefiting the locales. Member of Sindh Assembly from district Tharparkar, Dr Mahesh Malani said that Thar coal block II project was one of the largest energy schemes of the country.