Rawalpindi - A former female member of provincial assembly has approached regional police chief for registration of a criminal case against her husband, a former provincial law minister and candidate for NA-59 and PP-12 Raja Muhammad Basharat and his other family members, informed sources on Thursday.

The others, against whom the applicant Semal Raja sought registration of a case, included Raja Nasir (brother of Raja Basharat), Raja Hamid Nawaz (Cousin), Pari Gull (first wife of Raja Basharat),  Behroz Kamal (Son) and Ashiq Hussain, sources added.

Raja Nasir and Raja Hamid Nawaz are also contesting upcoming general elections 2018 and have submitted their nomination papers.

The woman also requested police to provide her protection as the Raja family have been threatening her of dire consequences.

According to sources, ex-MPA Semal Raja, the second wife of Raja Basharat, has lodged a complaint with RPO Wisal Fakhar Sultan Raja stating that she married Raja Basharat in 2014 after he divorced his first wife Pari Gull Agha. She alleged that she became pregnant and Raja Nasir, her step son Behroz and others began pressuring her husband Raja Basharat to get an abortion because they didn’t want another child in the family.

The reason behind it was to secure the property of Raja Basharat. She said that Raja Nasir, Behroz, Raja Hamid Nawaz and others tortured her leading to a miscarriage.

The woman alleged the accused persons also damaged her car with iron rods and sticks.

She added they made her husband Raja Basharat kick her out of the house.

She complained that she and her three sons and a daughter are being threatened of dire consequences by her husband’s family.

Semal Raja appealed RPO to register case against Raja Basharat, Raja Nasir, Raja Hamid Nawaz, Raja Behroz, Pari Gull Agha and Ashiq Hussain and provide her protection.

RPO accepted the application and forwarded it to CPO for further action.