MIRPUR (AJK) - AJK President Sardar Masood Khan said that it was essential to hone the skills of national youth as a bulk of the population in Pakistan and AJK consists of the individuals below the age of 30.

“Only if provided with the relevant skill sets, our youth will be able to compete with their regional and global peers,” he added while distributing shields to the organizers and officials who helped successfully conduct the Future Leaders Conference arranged by the Punjab Chief Minister Youth Mobilization Committee (CMYMC) at Muzaffarabad Medical College late Wednesday.

The Future Leaders Conference was addressed by many leading personalities of Azad Kashmir who encouraged the participants in taking up leadership roles towards the prosperity of the country. The Conference, this time around focused on three key topics, i.e. How to become a Leader, Personality Development and Communication Skills.

The President said that the youth must yearn to inculcate leadership qualities within themselves and focus on personality and capacity-building. He added that communication is the key to help the students and the youth in understanding pertinent global issues. He commended the organisers in facilitating the youth towards understanding the safe and effective use of modern communication tools.

“Our youth is a major asset and an invaluable human resource, which we need to capitalize on through capacity building and quality education,” said the President. President Masood Khan said that such events would help engage students in activities where they can get practical knowledge, exposure and develop competencies. He added that this initiative by Shahbaz Sharif, former Chief Minister Punjab, has helped bring the youth of the country together to discuss some of the most pressing issues facing our country.

The President said that the awareness created and the zeal of the participants witnessed in the Conference had shown that the event remained successful. He urged the organisers to arrange similar conferences organized in other cities of Azad Kashmir. The event was also attended by Prof Dr Kaleem Abbasi, Vice Chancellor University of AJK; Mr. Sarosh Majeed, Principal Muzaffarabad Medical College; Rana Ghulam Muzaffar, Chief Organizer CMYMC; Khawaja Abdur Rehman, DPI Colleges, activists, students and notables of the community.

Interacting with Dr Mahmood Khan, Chairman Pakistan Red Crescent Society Azad Jammu and Kashmir (PRCS-AJK) Branch who called on the President at the Presidency, Masood Khan said that welfare of the citizens has always been the government’s priority and the Pakistan Red Crescent Society AJK Branch was helping achieve these goals by selflessly working for the welfare of the people.

Masood, who is also the President of PRCS-AJK said that Azad Kashmir, is a region prone to natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, landslides, and forest fires, and it is necessary that the PRCS-AJK is prepared to face the challenges posed by such natural disasters. He advised the Chairman to utilize modern rescue equipment and develop a foolproof emergency response mechanism.

The President said that in almost every major calamity, PRCS is the first responder which not only carries out search and rescue operations but also provide medical assistance, food, water and essential medicines.

He said that utmost cooperation will be provided to PRCS-AJK to help build their capacity in facing such emergencies. He also expressed his satisfaction over the activities of PRCS-AJK on other pertinent issues like their awareness programmes on sanitation, sewerage, hygiene, skill development and mother-child welfare and care.