MIRPURKHAS - Transporters have started receiving alleged exorbitant fairs for Hyderabad and Karachi from Mirpurkhas but despite protest of the people at bus terminal Mirpurkhas on Thursday concerned authorities paying silent role.

Report said that large number of families had arrived at bus terminal Mirpurkhas for going to Hyderabad and Karachi but unfortunately they faced hardships when transporters demanded exorbitant fairs from them as Rs500 per passenger for Karachi instead of fair 300 to 350 per passenger and for Hyderabad demanded Rs300 to 350 per passenger against Rs130 rupees per passenger. On this occasion passengers including women protested and talking to media, they strongly condemned the transporters for receiving exorbitant fairs and compelling them to travel in unfavorable condition in the transport as sitting four passengers at the seat of three passengers. They urged the higher authorities to take immediate notice.