KASUR - Main thoroughfares of Kasur district are in dilapidated condition, causing severe kinds of difficulties for transporters and commuters.

A survey conducted by this correspondent reveals that the roads linking Kasur City, Raiwind and Kot Radha Kishan are shabby and triggering fatal accidents on a daily basis. According to the survey report, Kasur-Raiwind Road is 28km long while the road from Kasur to Kot Radha Kishan is 35km long. Both are single-carriageway and in deteriorated condition since long. “None of the public representatives have ever bothered to ensure repair to these roads for public facility,” people said to the correspondent. They added that every year, they [politicians] promised to get the roads repaired after being elected. “But, they turn a blind eye to the situation after success in elections,” they flayed. They added that there were deep potholes on these roads after short intervals, endangering the lives of motorists especially the motorcyclists. “These roads have also become favourite places for the dacoits to carry out their criminal activities,” they said and added, “As the roads are shabby, the drivers have to drive vehicles at low speed. The dacoits, lurking along the roads, intercept the motorists and robbed them of cash and other valuables.”

They demanded that the administration should take notice of the situation and ensure an early solution to the problems being faced by people.