KARACHI - Makeshift stalls established on footpaths and many of the open spaces scattered across the metropolis could be witnessed increasingly gushed by those finalising their preparations for Eid festival to be held tomorrow.

Though this in no way is to undermine the growing popularity of the fully air conditioned shopping malls among many of the brand conscious consumers yet the “cost factor” has compelled most of the families to frequent the makeshift Eid bazaars.

“We have visited different malls where great discounts are being offered by different companies yet find these stalls to be largely affordable,” said Ahmed Haleem, an accountant by profession.

Acknowledging that there is marked difference in the atmosphere and ambiance, the gentleman said the variety at these shops, often an extension of stores in traditional markets as Bohri Bazar, Hyderi Market, Water Pump, Machi Miani is unbelievable.

Many of the citizens pointed out that China made products rights from shoes to jeans and scarves to artificial jewelery have simply flooded our shops be the trendy outlets in hi-fi malls or our traditional markets and makeshift stalls.

“I have to put a little effort is searching and at times even sifting goods of my choice and my standard without any compromise to quality from these stalls at amazingly low rates,” said Mrs Dilshad Rizvi, a university teacher.

Although not many agreed with Dilshad, however, did acknowledge that there is no dearth of variety at these makeshift Eid bazaars where shoes from China, Taiwan and Korea along with clothes from Thailand offer a diversity of options that too at reasonable prices.

Mrs Nasreen Azhar, a house wife with preferable choice for shopping malls said the facility to shop under one roof without getting into hassle of searching needed items from one place to another is definitely a much needed relief at current point of time.

Interestingly local manufacturers of shoes, sandals, traditional chappals and khusas are also banking more on shoes shops dotting different markets as well as stalls.

“We are in a constantly tough competition with the imported as well as smuggled items due to our peculiar situation, however, are relieved to register prevalent fondness of people for traditional footwear as well as clothes for Eidul Fitr,” said Nawabuddin, representing local shoe manufacturers.

Sellers of traditional glass bangles and handmade jewelery said the festival is an occasion that we bank on due to tendency among people to celebrate the occasion in a traditional manner.

This very “Tradition” factor could be seen taken into consideration at the local malls too where special spots have been allocated to girls with expertise in henna art. Young girls to middle aged women all appeared keen in getting their hands applied with henna be it the conventional “mutthi” design or delicate patterns.

These have been further complimented by bangle corners thronged by extremely excited buyers. Many of whom mentioned to have enough time to facials, manicure, pedicure and even hairdos at discounted rates due to competition in the field itself.

“I do not need to be worried about preparing special food for the occasion as have already placed order to the caterer, a young lady, to prepare the same for me,” said Bilquis Raza.

Eid definitely appear to be a little different this time as is offering needed relief to many of housewives who are simply overwhelmed.

Services readily available for preparing food for the auspicious occasion and arranging traditional lunches and dinners for families at quite reasonable rates is being largely availed by many of the households comprising working couples.