SIALKOT - Boats are back in River Chenab at Head Marala-Sialkot after increase in its water level .

The water level soured up to 65,566 cusecs following the melting of ice on the mountains in the neighbouring Occupied Jammu and Kashmir after increase in mercury.

Increase in water level has revived the life around the River Chenab attracting the people to reach there to see water in River Chenab at Head Marala-Sialkot, also a picnic spot. In August 2008, India stopped water in River Chenab towards Pakistan.

On the other hand, the Irrigation Department has started releasing water in two main canals Marala-Ravi-Link (MR Link) Canal and Upper Chenab Canal (UCC). These main canals originate from the Head Marala.

Irrigation Department officials said that the Marala-Ravi-Link (MR Link) Canal remained closed for the last nine months due to water shortage in River Chenab. Now, with the surge in water level , 5,000 cusecs water was being released to the canal and 12,650 cusecs to Upper Chenab Canal (UCC).

The local farmers warmly welcomed the release of water in these canals as they said that they would be able to cultivate their seasonal crops and vegetables by irrigating their fields.



Despite an increase of 494,000 votes registered in the five National Assembly constituencies, 300,000 female voters are still deprived of their right to vote across the Sialkot district.

There were a total of 1,840,347 registered votes in Sialkot district during the 2013 general elections, but now the number has increased to 2,334,498.

There are 447,309 votes with an increase of 47,328 in NA 72, Sialkot-I, 488,398 with an increase of 146,268 in NA 72, a total of 475,866 votes with a hike of 112,862 in NA 74 while 453,104 votes are in NA 75 with an increase of 99,363 and 469,826 with an increase of 88,330 in NA 76, Sialkot-V.

According to the 2017 Census, the number of the females is more than the males in Sialkot as women are 51 percent of the total population of the district.

However, the number of the total male votes is 1,303,404 and that of female voters is 1,031,097. Thus, about 300,000 women are deprived of their right to vote in Sialkot district.