HUJRA SHAH MUQEEM - Politics means public service. The Almighty chooses selected persons for this noble cause. Those who are assigned to this duty should perform it with utmost honesty and dedication.

These views were expressed by senior anchorperson Jugnu Mohsin, independent candidate for the seat of Provincial Assembly [PP-184], during a meeting with notables of her constituency here the other day.

She said that the rulers had been befooling the masses for years, adding that they had done nothing good for the country except looting public wealth. “For decades, one family has maintained its hegemony over local politics of the area,” she said, adding that they had exploited the innocence of naïve locals. “Now its time to get local people rid of the corrupt and so-called public representatives,” she said, adding that she would go all out to bring an end to dynastic politics in the area. She pointed out that education, employment, healthcare, cleanliness, etc were the basic necessities of life, claiming that she would provide all these facilities to the people of her constituency after winning elections. “Those who ruled over area for 33 years now fear defeat in elections,” she maintained.