Education is one of the major indicator of our economy. A nation can develop if it is educated. Even after seven decades of independence, we have not been able to introduce a uniform system of education. Currently, we have three different systems in operation; one is O/A level (under Cambridge International Examination), the Matriculation or FSC system (under boards) and the system of education at the level of religious education.

We are divided under these three main education systems. All of them are poles apart from each other. Right from the syllabus to the announcement of results, everything is different. The Cambridge education system is liberal, board education is moderate and our religious education, as per the general impression is conservative conservatism. How can we promote homogeneous thinking under such circumstances?

We need to introduce a uniform system of education through which children of the rich, the poor and the middle class are able to get same education under a National syllabus, also provide the same facilities to the government institutes which are given to private institutes.


Lahore, May 23.