Our country of 220 million population can only move forward, if it is absolutely united and totally focussed, on economic emancipation of the teeming millions, rather than busy in infighting and planning to topple one government after the other.

It is the cardinal responsibility of the ruling leadership to unite the country and involve each and every person in nation building, which is not the job of years, but of decades. Without the involvement of every Pakistani in nation building, there is no other way we can take Pakistan to the comity of developed nations.

We have already wasted all the 73 years, after the independence of Pakistan, in the unaffordable luxury of POLITICS.

Let us not now put the horse of “nation building” before the cart and shun politics for a few decades, by way of complete and absolute involvement of every segment of society, cutting across the lines of party or any other politics of cast, creed, religion and colour etc.

As such, first we need to involve the entire intelligentsia of Pakistan from government, as well as, opposition side, including all learned Pakistanis from the academia in Pakistan and abroad, to compile a Charter of Development for Pakistan (CODP2020), for the next 100 years.

However, the above proposed CODP2020 should have a base to compile and work upon, for which it is suggested to form the Task Forces (mostly to be HEADED by non-PTI non-government members, but PTI and government experts should be members of these Task Forces) on the following subjects, to submit their reports to the Prime Minister, for jumpstarting engine of growth and development of our motherland, in maximum 20 days (even if they have to work day and night).

1. ?Suggestions for development road map for advanced technologies like Robotics & Artificial Intelligence.

2. Suggestions for utilising social media power and out of box and innovative ways for Population Control.

3. Eradication of Radicalism and elimination of Extremism, increasing Crimes against females and Child population (like acid throwing) & Control of Terrorism.

4. Ways for implementation of Rule of Law for everyone without exception and Legal, Jail and Judicial Reforms.

5. Proposals for Police Reforms of a modern times Police.

6. Enhancement (specially in the future technological fields) of defence capabilities with special reference to countering the use of 5th & 6th generation war tactics by enemies and use of upper space technologies for defence of motherland and ways for creation of culture of discipline and fitness among the entire male and female population of the country, by compulsory military enrolment in National Guards Service for three years.

7. Suggest ways for a fast track elimination of Polio, Hepatitis and HIV/AIDS by utilising the benefits of social media. Also suggest emergency ways how to make DRUG FREE, our new/young generation (in educational institutions and in society) of boys and girls in particular and overall country population in general.

8. Plans for water conservation and floods control and approvals/consensus for building of future dams and compulsory rain water harvest decisions.

9. Development plans of Alternative Energy Resources, with time bound targets.

10. Suggestions for how to create a culture of R&D in the Educational and Industrial sectors?

11. Blue print for how to make use of Information Technology towards the quest of achieving a quantum leap from the primitive agricultural practices towards the modern agricultural systems, specially for the small holdings poor farmers?

12. Blue print of how to turn around Pakistan into a modern industrial & technological giant and to have a Labour Policy commensurate to that status?

13. Policy for modern practices for Mining & Rare Earth Metals (REM), which can turnaround Pakistan as the richest nation of the world, with its current hidden wealth of over $ 51 trillion, which can be compared with the current total GDP ($53 trillion) of the top 10 countries of the world. This huge wealth can help us a lot in our ascendency in control of the world from the upper space in the coming decades.

14. Proposals for Telecom Policy with special focus on 5G & 6G and its usage in population control and alleviation of poverty.

15. Proposals for Development of Services Sector. It will not out of place to mention that share of services sector in the GDP of USA is 80%.

16. Suggestions for development of Medium and Small Scale industrial base, in a given time frame.

17. Suggestions for world level Tourism facilities, Hotels & Air Taxi services for inaccessible areas.

18. Blue print of Modern Aviation Policy.

19. Suggestions for attaining world’s leadership role in the fields of Science, Technology & Space Research and how to make SUPARCO a world class organisation with active participation of private sector resources.

20. Revamping on modern lines of Real Estate & Buildings Constructions policy and rules already in practice in the modern countries.

21. Practical and doable proposals for our new Education system for the next 100 years with the aim of 100% literacy & minimising the physical burden of books over the back of the child students by using IT Technology.

22. Suggestions for Modern Health policy and facilities for all with special emphasis on general fitness of population with motto of “Prevention is better and cheaper than cure.”

23 Suggestions for maximising e-commerce trade, plastic Banking, Insurance & Investment facilities (specially in the Stock Exchanges) for the poor masses; and  quantum increase proposals for foreign exchange remittances from  the expatriate nationals. Also to submit proposals for minimising smuggling of contraband items in Pakistan.

24. Suggestions for building sports cities in the far flung areas of the country and proposals for the development of sports Industry and capabilities of our prowess in the modern Olympic Games.

25. Suggestions for how to adapt modern developments in Films, TV, Arts, Cinema & Culture?

26. Proposals for how to become a world leader in Shipping and Maritime business?

27.  Proposals for Power, POL & Gas cost reduction ways and doable ways suggestions for reduction of adverse impact fossil energy projects on the environment.  Also submit proposals for eliminating circular debt.

28.Suggestions for reduction of taxes & their rates, proposals for minimising corruption in society, increasing tax revenue and suggestions for fast track Poverty Alleviation from our society.

29. Suggestions for a modern environment policy which must have the participation of entire 220 million population with extremely harsh and severe unpardonable penalties ranging from Rigorous Imprisonments to Death sentence.

30. Suggestions for urgent steps to bring to Pakistan an Autonomous Transportation System (fuel less and driver less).

31. Suggestions for devising a new Foreign Policy mainly based on furthering economic interests on Pakistan.

32. Suggestions for development of Pakistan as a top nation producing Halal foods.

33. Suggestions for development of modern and innovative Privatisation Policy to immediately cut the losses of billions of Rupees being incurred by SOE’s.

34. Proposals for controlling with an iron hand the menace of adulteration of food/edible items and  fake medicines etc. (which creates a major burden on our health sector budget) with most harsh unpardonable penalties up-to the death sentence.

35. Proposals for improvements in the following sectors:

~ Current Parliamentary System of Pakistan.

~ Current Bureaucratic structure, workings and efficacy of Public Service Commissions and any benefits of direct hirings of experts/technocrats at all levels of government positions.

~ Benefits of outsourcing the job of FBR to some capable private entity which should guarantee 100% increase in tax revenue in two years time.