‘Iranian Oil Smuggling’ is being discussed at the federal level in order to control the smuggling of banned Iranian oil in Pakistan. The issue was highlighted in the Senate standing committee on petroleum on Tuesday, which noted that smuggling of Iranian oil was causing loss of 60 billion to the national exchequer every year. According to the Managing Director, Pakistan State Oil (PSO) faced losses of 25 billion in the last 10 months due to petroleum smuggling from Iran to Pakistan.

However, the senators of Balochistan noted well that smuggling is the only source of income of the people living in border areas and unless those people are provided with an alternate source of income, the government should not curb it. Likewise, the committee was briefed by IG FC Southern Balochistan that border people are not given enough facilities for living in such areas and therefore they bring oil from Iran to Pakistan so that they can buy their daily necessities.

Moreover, Balochistan is the only province where unemployment is rapidly increasing as grass increases in a garden, especially in border areas where school, college, hospital, company and market sectors are not available. Finally, the government of Balochistan, especially the senators are humbly requested to help the border people and try not to stop these area’s people to earn because this is the first and last source of income for them to get two-time food for their family.


Turbat, June 10.