SIALKOT-A Daska-based a young man, who was tortured to death in Turkey by international human traffickers, was laid to rest in his native graveyard here with his golden dreams of a bright future abroad.

Maqsud Ali, father of the slain Zohaib Maqsud,23, informed that his son was sent to Turkey for Greece by his in-laws through some local human traffickers and their agents in Gujranwala region after striking a deal with them about two months ago.

The agents sent Zohaib Maqsud to Turkey through illegal border-crossing via Quetta-Pakistan and Iran about two months ago. In Turkey, some international human traffickers demanded more money from Zohaib for crossing him over to Greece against their deal on the pretext that Pak Rupee had devalued greatly. He, however, refused to pay more money. A week ago, some accused agents in Turkey snatched the whole money from Zohaib, brutally tortured him physically which resulted in his death, revealed father of the slain young man.

Some other friends of the victim in Turkey informed the bereaved family about his brutal death.

The dead body was brought to Daska-Pakistan for burial.

The bereaved father urged the governments of both Pakistan and Turkey to ensure early arrest of the accused killers who brutally tortured his son to death in Turkey.

He also urged the Turkish authorities to ensure early provision of justice to bereaved family in Pakistan.

“Yes, we are going to approach the FIA to ensure early arrest of the accused human traffickers, their agents and sub-agents, who sent Zohaib to Turkey illegally”, Maqsud Ali informed.

He said that his family is ready to cooperate with the FIA in curbing the menace of human trafficking in Sialkot region.

Slain 23-year-old Zohaib was BCom and three siblings -two brothers and a sister. He used to work as a salesman at different shops and stores. He was married to Iqra in Gujranwala about 11 months ago. He planned to go Greece for making his golden dreams of bright future true abroad.