LAHORE (Staff Reporter): Punjab Minister for Law, Parliamentary Affairs and Local Government Raja Basharat has said that the new Punjab Local Government System is one of the most salient features of the Punjab Budget 2019-20 that would become a real change catalyst by transferring huge funds directly to the local bodies that would be able to identify need based development schemes and execute themselves at their own. Talking to reporters outside the Punjab Assembly after Budget Session on Friday, he said the PTI-led government had presented the best budget in worse economic conditions.  Raja Basharat said that former governments built roads and bridges of concrete but PTI government is preferring to give relief to the destitute and the poor.  “We are focusing on policy making and human resource development rather than erecting huge structures of low public value”, he added.  Criticising the unpleasant behaviour of the opposition in Punjab Assembly, Provincial Law Minister said that the opposition had lost its grounds among the public for that it is relying on hollow hue and cry. He predicted that Shehbaz Sharif would likely be sent behind bars soon. He said that the claims of opposition for initiating anti-government movement have had no value as the public clearly witnessed that not more than hundred people came out in favour of Zardari or Hamza recently arrested.  Raja Basharat claimed that neither PML-N nor PPP has capability to bring the people out on roads to start an agitation against the government.