It is a common saying that life is not a bed of roses and one has to struggle hard to make it comfortable. No one can grow both body and mind without using physical and intellectual abilities. Similarly, no nation can achieve success without using human resources to explore natural resources. Neither an individual or group of persons can be successful whose political leaders do not rise above personal interest and does not persuade their followers to work constantly and earn more, spend less, and save more for building a robust economy. Unfortunately, in our political system, there are more promises than actions. Whosever assumes power, vows to increase agricultural and industrial products for exports and make the country self-reliant, but the reality is that import always exceeds export. We suffer from the bad habit of doing nothing practically and enjoy holidays on each and every occasion. Eid is observed and prayer offered on one day, but holiday lingers on 4 to 5 days. During the last 72 years, we have observed 144 Eids, and spent 720 days on holidays in addition to gazetted holidays. Is it not lamentable to waste 720 days in 72 years? This loss of time cannot be recovered. If our leaders sincerely want Pakistan to progress, they need to cut superfluous holidays and emphasise to workers, industrialists, and business icons to aggravate their activities to increase production. The government needs to appeal to the legal fraternity, doctors of private hospitals, business communities and high ranking officials of all entities to donate voluntarily and save the economy from falling into economic abyss difficult to get out.


Islamabad, June 9.