KARACHI   -   The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP)-led Sindh government has allocated Rs 283.5 billion for the development portfolio in the province for fiscal year 19-20 which includes Rs228 billion on account of the provincial and district Annual Development Programme (ADP).

Presenting budget in Sindh Assembly, Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah informed the house that Foreign Project Assistance (FPA) will be Rs 51.148 billion whereas other federal grants were expected to be Rs 4.8895 billion.

The development budget witnessed a sharp drop up to 18 percent from last fiscal year estimate that was Rs 343.911 billion. The uplift expenditure in 11 months of ongoing fiscal year however, witnessed a massive shortfall, with total amount incurred Rs 172.940 billion.   Murad blamed shortfall in federal transfers for lack of spending on uplift projects in the province.


The provincial government has allocated Rs 25,668 million for development in the education sector out which Rs 17,800 million for School Education and Literacy; Rs 4,000 million for College Education; Rs 150 million for empowerment of persons with disabilities; Rs 718.875 million for STEVTA; and Rs 3,000 million for Universities and Boards.


A total Rs 2,308 million was allocated for Energy Department out of which Rs 608 million was earmarked for ongoing and Rs 699 million was allocated for new schemes. Sindh Solar Energy Project, Village Electrification Programme in Sindh, Energy Efficiency and Conservation Program Sindh, Gas supply to villages of Sindh and other schemes would be carried out by the energy department, as per the development programme for the fiscal year 2019-20.


Similarly, the government earmarked Rs 15,511 million for Health Department to which its leadership claims of giving top priority. As per details, Rs 2,193.962 million was allocated for the construction and rehabilitation of Teaching Hospitals; Rs 6,060.475 million for the construction and maintenance of other hospitals; Rs 530.373 million for Medical Education; Rs 330.969 million for Nutrition and Rs 4,177.231 million for Preventive Programs.


The provincial government has allocated total Rs 1,789 million for the development in home department including Rs 1,327 million for its ongoing and Rs 311 million for new schemes. According to details, Rs 889.424 million was allocated for police department whereas Rs 899.905 million was earmarked for the prisons department. “Construction of buildings for police at various places, police stations, Malkhana at City Court Karachi would be carried out,” as per the development programme for the fiscal year 2019-20.


An amount of Rs 1,125 million was allocated for the minorities affairs department through which rehabilitation of minorities’ worship places would be carried out. Out of total amount, Rs 956 million was earmarked for ongoing while Rs 1.125 billion was fixed for new schemes. The department would renovate temples in Karachi, Sukkur, Larkana, Khairpur and other areas of the province as well as renovate and rehabilitate Churches, Gurdwaras and other worship places of non-Muslim community.


The development projects of Information, Science & Technology were given Rs 375 million by the provincial government of which Rs 318.750 was fixed for ongoing and Rs 56.250 was earmarked for new projects. Out of total allocated amount, Rs 358.612 was fixed for Information Technology whereas Rs 16.388M for Science and Technology. Security surveillance cameras would also be installed at minorities worship places.


Local Government was considered as the most neglected provincial department owing to deteriorated infrastructure of Sindh particularly Karachi. A total Rs 24948.007 M—Rs 18832.983 for ongoing and Rs 22432.797 for new schemes—was fixed for the development in the local government department. As per deatails, Rs 12844.905 was earmarked for Water Supply and Sanitation; Rs 305.728M for Buildings; Rs 7005.926 M for Road Sector; Rs 1791.329 M for Sindh Solid Waste Management Board.


The provincial government allocated only Rs 1714.340 for new mega schemes for the biggest city of Pakistan for fiscal year 2019-20. Although, the PPP Sindh government has fixed total Rs 6518.190M for what it called Mega Schemes for Karachi City but Rs 4803.850 was earmarked for ongoing schemes only Rs 1714.340M was allocated for carrying out new schemes.


An amount of Rs 5000m was fixed by the government for Thar Coal Infrastructure Development out of which Rs 190.941m was fixed for new schemes and rest of the amount was earmarked for ongoing schemes.


Transport has been one of the major issues faced by the people of Sindh since long. A total 16375.250m was allocated by the government for carrying out ongoing and new schemes. There were few big schemes that could cater the need of the people upon completion as the amounts were earmarked for the Karachi Circular Railway and the Bus Rapid Transit Red Line.


The provincial government has allocated Rs 206.250m for women development out of which Rs 174.312m was earmarked for ongoing and Rs 31.938m was fixed for new schemes. Women Development Complex at Shaheed Benazirabad and Sukkur would be established as well as Day Care Centre would also be constructed.


A total amount of Rs 1212.500m was allocated for Sports and Youth Affairs by the provincial government for carrying out ongoing and new schemes. As per details, Rs 952.359m was earmarked for sports whereas Rs 260.141m was fixed for youth affairs under which sports complex, stadiums, athletic tracks, laying of Synthetic Hockey turf and other schemes would be carried out.