KARACHI - A large number of prisoners infected with coronavirus has recovered at Karachi Central Jail.

Senior Superintendent of the Karachi Central Jail, Hassan Sahito, confirmed that 894 prisoners and 11 staffers of the Karachi Central Jail were infected with the coronavirus. He added that 274 inmates have recovered from the virus so far. The police officer detailed that 120 prisoners were declared critical out of which 90 inmates recovered their health. “We are conducting more tests of other prisoners while many inmates managed to defeat COVID-19 due to best arrangements made by the jail administration.”After their health recovery from the virus, the prisoners have reportedly celebrated at the central prison.It was noteworthy to mention here that more than 200 prisoners and nine officials had been detected with COVID-19 on May 19 which led the Sindh Prisons’ department to issue directives for the special arrangements for the protection of all prisoners.

 Following the orders, the jail superintendent had made arrangements for coronavirus detection tests and social distancing measures.