ISLAMABAD - Wild growth of shrubs has gradually been dampening the glow and luster of greenbelts that had been the hallmark of the Islamabad - The Beautiful and there is an urgent need to go for timely trimming to restore the green features of the capital city.

It is time that Environment Department of Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) comes into action and carries out a vigorous campaign to refurbish the lush-green features of the city.

“The landscaping of greenbelts and parks is imperative to enhance beauty of the city, besides ensuring healthy environment to the residents who have already been battling with a global pandemic,” said Raja Shrafat from the sector G-7.

Pointing out the casual upkeep of greenbelts, he said constant use by people, had adversely impacted the green-spots of the city.

He said some even dared to come with their animals and pets and let them freely graze and play with greenbelts. It was sheer violation of the environmental laws and should be dealt with strictly, he added.

Sharafat urged the city authorities to rectify the situation by slapping fines on the violators.

Umar Khan, a resident, said Islamabad once ranked the second in the list of world’s most beautiful capitals half decade ago, had now been turned into an ‘uncharming’ place due to less focus on beautification initiatives.

“Garbage and bushes have become a common sight in the capital city, which negates the slogan- ‘Islamabad.

The Beautiful’ and speaks about civic authorities’ passion for green environment,” he regretted.

Ajmal Khan, a resident, who especially came to the greenbelt near sector F-6 along with his friends, said this was a perfect place to enjoy cool evenings during these days of coronavirus pandemic.

“It is not easy to spend evening time indoor as we live in a very congested locality,” said Yusuf Maseeh from G-6, justifying the use of greenbelt as a recreational spot.

“We have been utilising all the resources at our disposal to ensure the maintenance of greenbelts across the capital city,” MCI Director Environment IrfanNiazi told APP.

He said trimming of shrubs and grass at the greenbelts and parks, are being done on regular basis.

He asked the residents to avoid any damage to the greenbelts in sectors. He said the department was unable to upgrade its machinery due to the shortage of funds.