LAHORE - Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar has said that under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan, a comprehensive strategy is being carried out to cope up with coronavirus.

In a statement, the chief minister emphasized that the government had taken collective decisions with mutual consultations without any waste of time.

Chief minister warned that stringent legal action would be taken against those found committing violations of corona SOPs. Usman Buzdar urged the masses to wear masks and avoid going out of their homes  without genuine need or reason. CM exhorted upon the shopkeepers to strictly adhere to the corona SOPs as public cooperation was imperative to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Usman Buzdar affirmed that the government had to safeguard the masses not only from the economic constraints but also from corona pandemic.  “We will have to strictly follow the precautionary measures to impede the spread of coronavirus”, he said. Buzdar vowed to take up essential measures in order to protect lives of the masses.

He lamented that those criticizing effective strategy of the government were blind to the ground realities. He regretfully remarked that those making vague statements had forgotten the masses in their difficult time and such elements, by playing politics on the lives of the masses, were ruining their worldly lives and their lives in the hereafter.

Higher Education minister presents cheque worth Rs 0.789 million

Provincial Higher Education Minister Yasir Humayun called on Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar at CM Office and presented him a cheque on behalf of Queen Mary College Lahore worth Rs seven lac 89 thousand in the CM Fund for Corona Control. This cheque was donated in the CM Fund on behalf of the teachers and staff members of Queen Mary College. CM thanked the teachers and staff members of the college for donating this amount in the CM Fund. Usman Buzdar remarked that he is trustee of the amount being donated in the CM Fund for Corona Control and added that the said amount of CM Fund would be justly disbursed to the deserving persons. He lauded that Pakistani people have always generously helped their affected brothers and sisters in times of trials and tribulations. He commended that Pakistani nation has bravely combated every challenge. He maintained that economic and social changes were taking effect owing to corona pandemic and urged the masses to modify their lifestyles collectively according to the changing environment. CM emphasized that in order to safeguard the lives of the masses, it was the need of the hour to implement government instructions so as to ensure people’s protection. He asserted that implementation on corona SOPs would be strictly complied with in Punjab and strict legal action would be taken against the violators of the SOPs. He stressed that the masses would have to implement safety measures issued by the government in totality to impede the spread of corona pandemic. CM warned that the masses failing to abide by the SOPs could not only endanger their own lives but also lives of their dear ones. He asserted that the government would not tolerate violation of SOPs in the markets along with instructions to wear masks would also be strictly enforced. He exhorted that everyone would have to display caution and responsibility to combat corona pandemic.

Usman Buzdar reiterated that implementation on the SOPs was highly essential in order to curtail the spread of corona pandemic. CM appealed to the masses to adhere to the government instructions in entirety. CM underscored that the safety and protection of the masses lied in implementing the policy of maintaining social distance.

CM condoles sad demise of Sabiha Khanum

Punjab Chief Minister has expressed his deep sense of grief and sorrow over the death of famous actress Sabiha Khanum. Chief minister in his condolence message expressed his heartfelt sympathy and grief with the bereaved family. He prayed Allah Almighty rest the departed soul in eternal peace and grant fortitude to the grieved family members. CM said that late Sabiha Khanum left indelible imprints of her versatile acting as her devout followers could not erase memorable movies of late Sabiha Khanum from their mind. CM remarked that with the sad demise of Sabiha Khanum, an illustrious chapter of golden era of films had closed. The CM  complimented the services of late Sabiha Khanum, saying that  in the field of acting she would be remembered for a long time.