LAHORE - Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Sunday said perhaps with necessary introspection, the current Indian government would be less focused on igniting border disputes with every neighbor, behaving like an expansionist nation, and more focused on serving the poor, downtrodden and minorities of India better.

In his tweets on the weekend, he said it would serve Modi’s government and ‘neighbourhood first’ policy well to realise India’s neighbours pose far less of a problem than their own domestic inadequacies, failures and fascism.

Meanwhile, Qureshi stressed the need to formulate future strategy and mechanism while keeping in view the negative impact of the coronavirus.

He said that the world had undergone a complete change due to coronavirus pandemic and underlined the need for utilization of modern technology for efficient running of the official matters.

He expressed these views while chairing a meeting with authorities of various telecom companies that called on him at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a Foreign Ministry statement said.

The meeting especially discussed the enhanced use of latest technology in

the ministry.

The Foreign Minister said that in this fast changing world, sessions and meetings were being held via video link and other related latest technology.

Qureshi also thanked the representatives of telecom companies for submitting their valuable suggestions for the promotion of use of modern technology and up-gradation of the ministry on modern lines.