The DigiSkills training program is Pakistan’s first online training program to empower the youth with the acquisition of skills which are in demand in the market. DigiSkills’ mission is to create a strong workforce for a future shaped by the fourth industrial wave, characterized by technology orientation, innovation and initiative. We can already see, both in our economy and others, that companies have begun to extensively outsource key functions such as human resources, marketing, accounting, etc. Who they are outsourcing to is a growing body of freelancers: individuals who have the skills, the energy, and the determination to provide services which companies previously had to handle in-house. The freelance market is full of diverse and talented individuals who are constantly evolving with the routine acquisition of new skills. Here, the initiative will provide a platform for these individuals to further their skill set.

There is hope that an advanced digital marketplace of workers in Pakistan will facilitate e-commerce, allowing goods manufactured in Pakistan to be sold both domestically and internationally. Everything from technical skills to leather goods and furniture can be marketed and exported using digital skills. Additionally, bringing women into this workforce will not only boost the size of the domestic economy, but also increase competitiveness, address issues of the growing demand, and allow for more families to meet their education, health, and lifestyle needs.