Peshawar            -        With the rapidly increasing corona virus infection in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, especially Peshawar, the unjust electricity load-shedding and scarcity of drinking water is adding to miseries of the residents.

The locals regretted that the rulers are painting a rosy picture of the alleged pathetic situation in the province and the provincial metropolis, said PML-N leader Arbab Khizer Hayat in a press statement issued here yesterday.

He said that industries, factories, big markets and shops are closed for the last three months due to the lockdown across the province, but there is still unwarranted power load-shedding, which is beyond comprehension.

And even after the end of the lockdown, re-opening of businesses for few hours a day, electricity was not being used in such a large quantity to justify the heavy load-shedding.

He said that the number of coronavirus patients in Peshawar was increasing day by day while the rulers are allegedly oblivious to the situation as the masses are not comfortable at home due to power breakdowns.

While in the hospitals, he said, the patients are facing lack of basic facilities required to save their lives from the deadly COVID-19.

He added that intermittent power outages are also disrupting continuous oxygen supply to the COVID-19 patients at the hospitals. 

He claimed said that the rulers are not interested to serve the people and busy filling his pockets. The people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are being treated like step children for the last seven years.