MIRPURKHAS - Scorching heat coupled with long hours loadshedding and water shortage in interior Sindh including district Mirpurkhas is multiplying woes of the people.

The persisting heatwave conditions have also increased the gastro patients in the district as gastro wards in Civil Hospital Mirpurkhas have reached their capacity.

Over two dozen patients are approaching the civil hospital daily for getting proper medical treatment.

Long loadshedding has caused suspension of business activities while emergency operations in government and private hospitals were halted.

Amid persisting heat and long hours outages acute water shortage has surfaced in the area and people are forced to bring water from far flung areas.

Social organisations and civil society have strongly condemned the Hesco Mirpurkhas division for long outages and urged the Hesco chief to take notice and ensure reducing the loadshedding time to lessen the difficulties of the masses.