ISLAMABAD          -           Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) has published more than 500 books on Pakistani literature and mystic poetry translations to increase reading habits and encourage youth to read quality material.    

According to an official, only in year 2019 PAL has published 10 books and five quarterly magazines Adabiyat (Urdu) and bi-annual Pakistani Literature (English) and monthly newsletter academy.

He said in 2019 several quality books were published including, “Khaqan of the East: Personality and Art” by Junaid Azer, “Munir Ahmad Badini: Personality and Art “ by Dr. Ekun Bakhsh Bazdar, Professor Taha Khan: Personality and Art ”by Dr. Omar Qiaz Qayil, Pierre Fazl Hossein Gujarat: The Personality and Fan From Mysticism to Ahmad Arifi, Dr. Aminul Haq Javed: Personality and Art” by Dr. Amjad Ali Bhatti, Architect of Pakistani Literature” (reprint, edits and additions edition), “Sheikh Ayaz: Personality and Art” by Dr Anwar Faghar Hakdero (Edits and Additions Edition) and “Kishwar Naheed: Pey Dr. Shaheen Mufti”.

He said books were also published on other topics including Balochi Language and Literature- an Overview ”by Ghaus Bakhsh Sabir (Ninth Edition) and  Khourke Bourkhis’s Selected Fiction “Translator: Zaeef Sayed.”

Magazines were also published on various topics including, “Literature” (Issue 119), “Literature” (Issue 120) Literature Pediatrician” (Issue 8-9) and “Literature Pediatrician” (Issue 10) and Fishing “Pakistani Literature” (English).