KARACHI - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Vice President and parliamentary party leader in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh has said that Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) is criticising the federal budget without reading it.

Talking to media along with opposition leader in Sindh Assembly Firdous Shamim Naqvi and PTI MPAs at Iqra University campus on Sunday, he said that last year the federal government paid Rs 1500b for loans obtained by previous governments and this year Rs 2700b were paid in the head of loans.

He said after giving budget to the provinces, only Rs 2000b were left with the federal government. He said not a single rupee had been taken as loan from the State Bank of Pakistan.

He said according to reports of Moody’s and IMF last year our economy was growing. He further said after the coronavirus our economy had sustained a loss of Rs 3000b. He told, despite this our captain gave a package of Rs 1200 billion to the poor people. Bilawal claimed that there was a Tsunami and destruction, but he was not telling what his government had done for the poor people of Sindh, he added.

Haleem Adil said our government was giving Rs12000 each to 12million families. He said Imran Khan was selected with the Grace of Allah, the Almighty, for this nation. He asked what the defected and corruption-infected PPP chairman Bilawal had given to the masses. He said the party of Bilawal was teemed with corruption.

He told that milk, cream, butter and butter oil was made cheaper while pulses, fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, fish and honey were also made cheaper. Vegetable oil, spices, sugar, soybean, LED lights power supply, shoes, agricultural equipment, fertilizer, air travel, computers, and office equipment were made less costlier.

Opposition leader Firdous Shamim Naqvi said IGP Sindh was working as the IGP of PPP. He said SSP Rizwan had already issued a report against Sardar Tegho Khan Teghani, but now a peace award was given to this Sardar which should be withdrawn. He said there were more than 40 FIRs registered against Sardar Tegho Khan including that of murders and kidnappings for ransom. He was involved in the killing of policemen.

Firdous Shamim said Imtiaz Shaikh was the partner of this Sardar Tegho. He said Tegho was charged in 2019 for murder of a DSP. He further said this Tegho was involved in 70 murders including killings of 12 police officers. He requested the Sindh High Court Chief Justice to take a suo moto notice of this issue.

He said peace awards from Luddan Sahib and Sunaro Khan should be withdrawn. He said if we were murdered, the FIR should be filed against Tegho Khan.