KANAAN, Iraq (AFP) - A suicide attacker rammed a truck packed with explosives into an army barracks in Iraq's restive Diyala province Monday, triggering a massive blast that killed 11 troops and wrecked buildings, officials said. At least 14 soldiers were wounded in the powerful blast, which occurred around 6:00 am (0300 GMT) at an army base at Kanaan, some 70 kilometres (43 miles) northeast of Baghdad, a security official said. "At least 11 soldiers died and 14 others were wounded," he said, adding that the building was totally destroyed and that victims were pulled out from under the rubble. Witnesses said the bomber took advantage of a brief gap as guards were changing shifts, and rammed the truck straight through the entry checkpoint and into a the main building housing the sleeping quarters of the troops. An AFP correspondent saw a host of ambulances around the barracks and excavators clearing away the rubble. He said the blast had created a crater three metres (10 feet) deep and four metres in diameter. Authorities also defused a car bomb and two improvised explosives near the blast site, which the official said were intended to go off after the arrival of rescue workers and police, and in order to drive up the toll. Two soldiers, speaking from their hospital beds, said the attacker had struck during a shift change, when only one guard was at the entry gate. "I had just ended my night shift and had gone inside a building to hand over to another colleague when I felt the roof fall on top me," said Ibrahim al-Tamimi, 37.