LAHORE Four Pakistanis were murdered while more than 250 had been injured while thousands others are trapped in Manama, the Capital of Bahrain, during violent anti-govt clashes in the small Kingdom, forcing the authorities to call in troops from the neighbouring States to maintain peace. Some Pakistani nationals who are among those trapped in the anti-government uprising contacted The Nation on Monday by phone and told the horrific tales, happening across the Gulf state. So far, they said, four Pakistani nationals who were residing in the Kingdom as workers have been found killed as protesters went on the rampage, triggering further violent clashes between the protesters and the government forces. They said that thousands of Pakistanis working there have been trapped in the worst violence erupted in Manama on Sunday. Two persons belonging to Mandi Bahauddin, one from Multan and one from Peshawar were killed and the security forces shifted their bodies after 24 hours, they added. 'We are living here in constant state of danger and cannot go out even to bring food to eat. They said the protestors were killing Pakistanis after determining their nationality: 'They hate us because thousands of Pakistanis are working in Bahrain security police and they think us a part of them. The callers said that the incidents took place in Goal City Market and Al-Mutlabi Road. They told that the worst clashes have started on Sunday in the Central Square and university area of Manama, but 'we are not secure in any area of Manama. The Pakistanis complained that the Pakistani Embassy in Bahrain was not cooperating with them. However, one of them said that an official of the Embassy consoled him and ensured him for cooperation when he phoned the Embassy. Meanwhile, an official of the Embassy when contacted via phone by this scribe refused to give any information about the situation. Wajahat by name, he advised the writer to contact the Foreign Office regarding any detail. He also not confirmed the death toll. When he was told that the Embassy could give information properly and it was the right place to contact, he dropped the call and has not attended the phone after various efforts. It was worth mentioning here that between 50,000 to 60,000 Pakistanis are working in various cities and towns of the small Gulf Kingdom.