It is such a deplorable fact that since the time Pakistan joined the so-called American war on terror, the people and the country have paid a heavy price against any other nation in this war. This war, that American President George W. Bush started, is continuing without any relent and the pity is that President Obama seems totally surrounded by the hawks of the previous US government. There are plenty of reports done by scores of US scholars proving how a war could act as an engine for the US economy but this established principle seemingly is faltering with a dwindling dollar and weaker economy that has shaken both the US and the world. September 11, 2001 was indeed a deplorable incident but the US acted rashly and like a wounded bear. The only difference from then and now is that the ones who are dying are not Americans but Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Other than those two tall buildings, all the destruction has been inflicted on these three countries alone. America unlawfully invaded Iraq and completely failed to achieve its objectives in Afghanistan and now has developed a new expertise of blaming Pakistan for everything under the sun. Extremely fair for a major non-NATO ally; one wonders A strange status this is that the US and NATO have granted to Pakistan and its people whereas these two are the only entities violating Pakistans sovereignty for nearly a decade. Not even Pakistans archrivalIndia has done what these friends have done. Drone attacks, clandestine operations, troops incursions, sabotage and then the operatives like Raymond Davis is what Pakistan and Pakistanis have got. More condemnable is the fact that the principle of sovereign equality established by Western democracies is inapplicable on Pakistan. Our sovereignty was violated by 85 drone attacks during 2010 i.e. more than one attack per week that killed and injured thousands of people. Not many people know that more than 32,000 people have either been killed or sustained injuries in Pakistan because of the Americas war on terror since 2001. The economy has suffered a loss of over $ 80 billion, according to an IMF report in July 2010 and more importantly, the confidence of the Pakistani nation is shaken. What for? Havent the Pakistanis got more than their fair share in this war on terror? What exactly the nation is getting out of this cooperation when its biggest ally precisely is its biggest enemy? Another aspect of the Pak-US relationship is the false-promises with which Pakistan has been given a bitter lollypop. Everyday, the nation hears the Americans boasting about the reported contributions for Pakistan but the net impact of this contribution is miraculously unseen by the masses. No matter whatever the American protgs in Pakistan and whatever the American officials speak, Pakistans sovereignty has become a total joke for the Americans. HAMZA ALI, Lahore, February 21.