ISLAMABAD - There is no possibility of clash among the institutions during the tenure of the PPPs government, said Babar Awan while meeting with the delegation of lawyers from tehsil Burewala Bar Association. The federal minister for law, justice and parliamentary affairs said that the present government believed in the supremacy of Constitution, rule of law and creating harmony among various institutions. He said that it was the policy of reconciliation and dialogue which had not only led to a peaceful transition towards democracy but also promoted the culture of tolerance and respecting each others views and opinion. Babar Awan said that a revolution had already taken place in the country, as there had not been a single incident of political victimisation in the country during this governments tenure. He said that fabricated cases filed against him at the time when he was the lawyer of Benazir Bhutto. I cannot break my resolve, commitment and determination to work for the welfare of the people and stability of the country, he added. The minister described the passage of 18th and 19th amendments as a historic step which would make Pakistan a true participatory federation characterised by sovereignty of Parliament, independence of judiciary and provincial autonomy. He further stressed that 18th constitutional amendment had the ownership of all democratic forces within the Parliament and there was a determined political will of coalition government and democratic forces to ensure its complete implementation. The delegation of lawyers expressed their various problems faced by them. The federal minister said that the government was fully aware of the difficulties of the lawyers and was doing its best to resolve them. He stressed on the young lawyers to develop their habit of book reading so that they could be able to enhance their intellect and present themselves better in the courts.