After listening to the press conferences of ChNisar and Babar Awan, it became clear that the two leaders went for each other's jugulars. Babar Awan fumed at ChNisar blaming him on three accounts; First, that ChNisar degraded BakhtawarButto Second, that ChNisar degraded Sindhi culture, dress and cap. Third, that ChNisar insulted PPPJialas of Sindh calling them terrorists and targeted Sindh as province. After listening to Babar Awan, I went back to the recorded press conference of ChNisar and listened to him very carefully. He did not degrade, in anyway, Bakhtawar Bhutto, and Sindhi cap, dress or culture. Neither did he insult PPP Jialas in Sindh nor called them the terrorists. Rather, he appreciated Jialas and excluded Babar Awan from that list calling him Piada (the footsoldier) of Zardari. Then he quoted Babar Awan's derogatory utterances against ZAB in one of his Jalsa. That must have pinched Babar Awan badly stirring his guilt. No wonder he lost logical thread in his speech twisting factual reasons with illogical emotions giving his oration a dramatic touch. Against his emotional rhetoric, ChNisar seemed well composed, calculated, and cool. He impressively based his arguments on convincing logic.After listening to the two stalwarts, one thing has become obvious that a new war has begun between the two major parties of Pakistanreminiscing the memories of 1990s. Who would be beneficial of this new beginning is anybody's guess. DR. GHAYUR AYUB, London, March 13.