LAHORE - Concerned Citizens of Pakistan are dismayed at the governments negative reaction to the recent Supreme Court decision nullifying the appointment of Justice (r) Deedar Hussain Shah as NAB chairman. The indecent haste with which government has sought to re-appoint him, unfortunately confirms what sections of the press have termed as governments efforts to take on the Supreme Court. The pro-forma letter, which government claims it has sent to the leader of the opposition will not make up the deficiency in the consultative process. Justice Deedars re-appointment amounts to a new appointment, in respect of which the appointment process should begin afresh and all the steps involved in it followed to completion. His name should be put up, along with other candidates, as a basis for real and substantive consultation with the leader of the opposition, and he should be told why, despite the unfavorable Supreme Court ruling, Justice Deedars candidacy is being pressed again. The final decision should be made taking into account the views of the leader of the opposition, expressed orally or in writing after meetings are held with him, and all relevant documents and other materials shared with him. President of Pakistans personal intervention on the side of Justice Deedar is unwarranted, and serves to exacerbate a dangerous state of affairs. The Presidents past financial dealings are under scrutiny by NAB. He is an interested party in the appointment of its Chairman.