ISLAMABAD (INP) The meeting of the National Assemblys Standing Committee on Food and Agriculture was held here on Monday in the committee room of the Parliament House with its head Javed Iqbal Warraich. The agenda of meeting was to discuss the PARC vision regarding agriculture sector and progress during last three years, justification for retaining PARC with federal government and consideration of report of sub-committee on food and agriculture held on January 20 under convener ship of Aftab Ahmed Khan Sherpao, MNA. MNAs Abdul Majeed Khan Khanan Khail, Muhammad Bailgh-ur-Rehman, Rana Tanveer Hussain, Sardar Bahadur Ahmed Khan Sihar, Dr Abdul Kadir Khanzada, and Chaudhry Tasssaduq Masood Khan attended the meeting. The committee considered report of sub-committee on food and agriculture and recommended that there should be no ban on movement of Gur in FATA/ KPK. The Gur making is a cottage industry in KPK and has been used as major sweetener in the rural areas of KPK and Balochistan in place of sugar. The farmers in frontier valleys are small land holders with holding ranging from 2-10 acres and sugarcane is a cash crop in area. KPK contributes only 10pc to the total production of sugarcane, which comes to 5.5 million tons from 55 million tons. From 55 tons, 20pc is utilised for seed and leaves only 4.4 million tons for sugar and Gur making. Out of 4.4 million tons 2, 3 million tons is utilised for sugar and produces 0.2 tons of sugar. The committee noted that as globally whether is changing therefore requirement of crops are also changing whereas Minfal have established 25 years ago, rice sugarcane cotton and wheat-zones. Thus ministry of Food and Agriculture should revise the whole system and furnish a detailed report to the committee. The committee recommended that a detailed mechanism of Hybrid seed should be prepared and supplied in a transparent way to all districts without discrimination.