MULTAN - Former foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi Shah Mehmood claimed on Monday that the policy of reconciliation had turned into confrontation, hurling a warning that the country could witness 90s-like situation. Addressing the members of High Court Bar Association Multan, he said that the political situation in Punjab was alarming while the situation in Sindh would also deteriorate if MQM quit the coalition. Referring to Balochistan, he pointed out that the feelings of alienation still existed in the province despite achievements like NFC award and 18th amendment. He further warned that water issue could create tensions among provinces. Increasing water scarcity is going to create a fuss. We need to settle this issue with India as soon as possible, he added. He told the audience that the world was willing to support Pakistan but lack of visionary and honest leadership did not let this happen. He said that the solution to all problems being faced by the country was to bring forth honest leadership. He said that there was no dearth of transparent leadership in political parties and they should come forward to steer the country out of crisis. Referring to ongoing protest wave in Arab countries, he warned that it could leave very negative effects on Pakistan. He said that the Pakistanis used to send remittance worth $ 10 billion to the country every year, expressing the fear that these transactions could come to a halt due to ongoing protest. He added that the oil prices would shot up and a country like Pakistan could not bear the burden of high oil bills.