LAHORE - PML-N senior leader Captain (r) Muhammad Safdar has proposed to establish a national commission to scrutinise the handling of the loans of international donor agencies by military and civilian governments. Safdar, who is also chief organiser of PML-N (Youth Wing), expressed these views while delivering a lecture on 'Challenges facing Pakistan and responsibilities of the youth held under the auspices of TheNation, Nawa-i-Waqt and Waqt TV at Hameed Nizami Hall on Monday. He further proposed that the details of utilisation of international loans should be present in the Parliament in order to halt wrong usage of the loans. He said the repeated marshal laws had destroyed the country and appealed to the youth to rise for protecting the constitution. PML-N leader claimed that his party would not only act upon the Hamood-ur-Rehman Commission but also establish a commission on Kargil operation if his party voted to power. He alleged that Maulana Fazlur Rehman being Kashmir Committee chairman had put the Kashmir issue in 'cold storage. He said PML-N had not been playing the part of friendly opposition but his party leadership was warning the ruling party time and again to mend its ways and do something to meet the peoples demands regarding good governance. He claimed that PML-N would continue following the Charter of Democracy. Safdar said PML-N had taken a very clear stance about Raymond Davis, while it was now established that Davis did not enjoy diplomatic immunity and his fate would be decided by the court. PML-N leader demanded that Pervez Musharraf should be brought to court of law in Akbar Bugtis assassination for pacifying the high temperatures of the Baloch youth. PML-N believes in the shinning future of the country, as the country has independent judiciary with the supporting arm of free media, he added. He said Aligarh University had changed the fate of Muslims of Sub-Continent, while Daanish Schools were a step to change the fate of Pakistan. PML-N leader said, Kashmir is our jugular vein, as we fought three wars on Kashmir and one hundred thousand Kashmiris embraced martyrdom, however Musharraf ignoring the sacrifices of the Kashmiris, had allowed fencing the Line of Control. He said continuation of Musharraf policies on Kashmir hindering the solution to the problem. Safdar said it was the success of the democratically elected government that compelled the Indian premier Vajpayee to visit Pakistan for an honourable solution of Kashmir issue, however it was failure of the dictatorial regime in which Musharraf went to Agra for shaking hand with Indian prime minister.