LAHORE (PPI) - Hundreds of substandard companies are pumping their medicines into market. Even medical storeowners have established companies producing drugs with possible fatal consequences. Some businesspersons are importing medicines labelled as food items and selling them through doctors with the connivance of regulators. The Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) expressed concern over increasing secret financial relationship between doctors and pharmaceutics. It called upon government and civil society to launch awareness programmes for patients as many doctors have lost professionalism to commercial priorities which is jeopardising health of patients. Those who need medical are are made to pay for the kickbacks without knowing it, said Dr. Murtaza Mughal, President PEW. Many doctors are involved in overmedication, prescription of costly and substandard medicines and undesirable tests to get commission, he said. Doctors were found reluctant to disclose reception of gifts and monetary arrangements and with the pharmaceuticals which proves illegality of the practice. Some greedy practitioners may be causing serious health problems, unintentional disabilities and deaths that merits probe.