LAHORE With the appointment of junior professors as Principals and Vice Chancellors in the medical colleges and universities, has led to the strikes of young doctors in the City and Punjab as well, said the sources in Pakistan Medical Association (PMA). A senior professor said that a principal or VC had their own personality and command over the staff of their respective institutions and a doctor cannot afford to go on strike in the presence of principal. How is it possible that a Principal or VC visit any OPD and doctors do not ensure their presence there, he said and added that young doctors are always dependent on their senior professors and principal or VC with whose signatures they go through training modules and clinical rotation. Sources claimed that young doctors have to submit an undertaking with the management of the concern institution not to take part in any strike or become a part of any association. So it is the weakness of heads of the medical institutions that they were not having control on young doctors. A PMA office-bearer said that across the Punjab, not a single professor was appointed as principal or vice chancellor in any medical institution on merit or as per seniority list. He said that in more than 11 medical institutions no head of the institution was appointed on merit. Several senior professors have retired from services having dreams of being head of any institution in mind but because they had no influence in the society so were not entertained on merit. As per details, Professor Abdul Majid Ch, former principal of Fatima Jinnah Medical College, was appointed as principal in 2007 but he was falling on number 11 in the seniority list whereas his counterpart Professor Attia Mubarak was on number 6 in seniority list but could not be considered as principal. The name of Professor Faisal Masood, Principal of Services Institute of Medical Sciences, fell on number 71 then in seniority list when he was made principal. As per new list his name is on number 21. Similarly the name of Professor Tariq Salah-ud-Din, the principal of Post Graduate Medical Institute (PGMI) Lahore, falls on number 131, Professor Asad Aslam, Vice Chancellor, King Edward Medical University (KEMU) on number 96, Professor Rakhshanda Rehman, Principal of Fatima Jinnah Medical College Lahore, on number 30, Professor Zameer Ahmad, Principal Sahiwal Medical College Sahiwal on number 73, Professor Tanveer Ali Khan Sherwani, Principal Khawaja Safdar Medical College Sialkot on number 162, Professor Riaz Hussain Dub, Principal Punjab Medical college Faisalabad on number 24, Professor Muhammad Afzal Farooqi, Principal Rawalpindi Medical College, on number 25 and the name of Professor Muhammad Azhar, principal Punjab Institute of Cardiology, falls on number 55 in the seniority list prepared by the Punjab Health Department on December 14, 2010.