ISLAMABAD - Minister for Water and Power Syed Naveed Qamar on Wednesday informed the Lower House of the Parliament that government of Pakistan has raised objections on the designs of some four hydroelectric plant projects, which India intended to undertake on River Indus waters.
Through his written reply Minster for Water and Power informed the House that India has officially expressed its intention to undertake construction of four projects including Dumkhar Micro Hydel Project (0.5MW), Marpachoo Hydroelectric Plant (0.75MW), Dah Small Hydroelectric Plant (6MW) and Hanu Small Hydroelectric Plant (5MW).
He said the government has received significant information and design details of aforementioned projects from other sources, as India has so far not shared any information about these projects with Pakistan . He said India is obliged to supply information six months in advance before construction of the new hydroelectric plants under the provisions of Indus Waters Treaty 1960. He said India has formally been asked to supply information about those plants .
Naveed Qamar added that currently India’s Nimoo-Bazgo Hydroelectric Plant is a major project on river Indus, which is under construction adding that Pakistan raised objections on the design of that plant.
He said the objections raised by Pakistan on Nimoo-Bazgo Plant were discussed in three meetings of the Permanent Indus Commission held on 2009-2010. He said Pakistan’s question with regard to freeboard/parapet wall was addressed by ICIW during the meeting by making openings (4*4”) in the solid parapet wall at the dam crest level. With regard to the other questions Pakistan may take up the issue at the level of Neutral Expert/Court of Arbitration.
He informed that Indus Water Treaty 1960 allows India to construct new run of the river hydroelectric plants and storage works on the western rivers (Indus, Chenab and Jhelum) within the design criteria and the storage works under the limitations as provided in the Treaty.
He said besides raising objections Pakistani authorities have been keeping a strict vigilance on India projects as to ensure they are not in Treaty violation.